We are all a part of something cosmic, in galactic orbit on an organic ship our very existence is surreal in our understanding of it. Infinitesimally small we share matter with the stars and matter not to them. There is a pureness to be found in the beauty of a quest to understand, to learn for learnings sake. There are also bright rays of hope evidenced by what we can achieve when working towards a common goal, driven by the desire to understand, not control or profit.


Generation accelerant

Meet generation spark

Dogma sets the precedent

The presidents a farce

Social contracts recompense

Remove false constructs masks

The youth begin to resent

The leaders of the past


I want to walk until my feet bleed,

till all I’ve worn is tattered,

for I’m worn down by their baying greed,

the death of nuance left my ribs shattered, tearing through optimism’s lungs and leaving hopes voice ragged. I will walk for eternity, for the walk is all that matters.


Life beyond atmospheric tides Across the lightyears of night sky seas

Traverse within your minds eyes Expand understanding of what might be


My Antikythera mechanism

This extraordinary Orrery

Guide my orbital vision

Towards the universes story


Where did we come from

What questions does that answer hold

Where have we gone

To go where none have gone before so bold

Solution to the sum

Whilst some are left out in the cold

Where did we come from

What questions does that answer hold


Black hole of despairs exponential growth, only defeated by belief in hope. Accretion disc light my way, loss highlights the importance of appreciating each day


Say we’re made up of star dust All the matter of all that matters From our anger to our love to our lust when a star shatters, It makes us.


What awaits you

Beyond the next rise

The shape and hue

of lost loves eyes

potential come due

or some surprise

What awaits you

is beyond your sight

But it waits for you

as the sun does the night

and that lights return

upon the next rise



Times tides & phases. They said it was just a phase, this to shall pass soon. And I agree it is a phase just like that lunar disc which exerts it’s pull on our oceans surface, it is made of phases, none of which detract from the fact that it is still the same moon

Exploration has built all we know, and we need to preserve that spirit when looking inwards at our lives, explore who you are, the rough and rocky terrain, the beautiful wide open spaces. find ways to tackle the challenges within and enjoy the beauty outside.


Pathfinder, tracking data points, transiting the transmitted, new tracks laid down behind her.

Inspired by the Pathfinder and other mars missions the artwork pulls elements from the rover diagrams, the number of moons and mars' position in our solar system. The centre of the work is built of braille "tire-tracks" based the rovers marks the surface of mars, our one solid connection, feeling and impact of mars. Created as a reminder of the importance of exploration and what we can achieve.


A future, nothing more than a reflection of the past, what we learn, and what we ignore, indecision decides for us. 

Inspired by the Voyager mission that carried a golden record beyond the edge of our solar system, on which was compiled as much data as possible to represent humanity and our home. The front of the record was engraved with elements that are integrated in to the artwork, a pulsar map and instructions on how to time the record playback.