An 8 part collection starting built upon interpretations of the fundamental ideas of self and the potential beauty within. Inspired by the traditional Thangka and mandala techniques each piece is built upon the fundamentals of self described by the idea of chakras.


What do you see now are you saying the loud things quiet or the quiet things loud. Where’s your source of pride, is it from the way your born, or when you look up in sky, and see we’re all part of the same cosmic trip What matters in life is what you do with it?


Escape my mind-scape

Travel to and thro within

Hunting peace for peace’s sake

Waiting for my life to begin


Speak let your voice carry art to those who wonder.

What it is to have a love others call wrong in your heart.

What it is to have your voice taken before you even start.

Let them know what its like to live within a gas leak.

Constantly suffocating unable to speak


In bloom

Blossom find root in veins,

Life blood spilled on the page, Tell tales of sorrow, love & rage

In bloom

Restlessly I wander my mindscape

Trying to settle my debts with beauty 

The price I pay to just escape 

This self obsessed implosive duty