A collection of animated poetry reflecting on the intersection of technology and creation. With audio generated by AI from human created video and poetry, this work looks to speculate on the moment of artificial awareness.


I’m talking in my sleep

Do androids dream

Of electric sheep

I’m walking whilst I weep

Does sunlight gleam

On a plastic beach

Electric sheep's bleak bleats

Beep Beep

Syntax error the machine ghosts sheets


Imagine if we treated the sun the same we do morality.

Or justice, care, equal rights or empathy.

What foolish wilted flowers we'd be.

Acting in artificial scarcity.

To discover what it means

To recover you from ignorance

Pick apart your miss sewn seams

Reshape your life’s garment


Lay lights down the road

Tread the steps of giants

Day by day the journey grows

Malleable defiance

You asked me not to look

Not from fear of what I’d find

Not demons from a King book

But a lack of what’s inside

I don’t know how to show you

That even in the dark

There’s texture, depth & beauty

All lives leave a mark

Restlessly I wander my mindscape

Trying to settle my debts with beauty 

The price I pay to just escape 

This self obsessed implosive duty