Photograph from Arte OVNI "Lucid Screens" collection

Celestial Body is an artist and designer originally from the U.K. She studied Graphic Design at the University of Lincoln and has an extensive background in special educational needs. Her work uses braille letterforms as an ironic visual metaphor to represent the ideas ideals and identities that we lack a connection with in our day to day, as well as those ideas that speak to the best of human potential. She produces this work in part due to her own experience as a person who is transgender, through this and other lived experiences she sees the need to reinforce a deeper connection with the identities and ideas to which we oftentimes pay lip service to without truly connecting. We are looking without seeing and touching without feeling and as such that which is meant to be felt is rendered visible to provide a deeper connection with the ideas represented. The granular detail and scale of her digital canvases speak to the depth and varied nuanced detail within our lives. Through this work she hopes to bring people a moment of pause and reflection and encouragement to explore things on multiple levels so as to truly connect with an idea.

From inception to ascension 
I worship worthless self 
We are born of repetition 
Our perception is our wealth

F.F : What inspires you?

F.F : What inspires you?

“Our potential as a species, everything from the basic compassion many of us express to the desire to explore that has driven us to progress. A lot of my work focuses on space as a pure representation of exploration for knowledge's sake not for gains of wealth or influence.”